• Chapter 1 - Introduction

    - Wake Up Stefany, it's time to get up ! said Liz, her sister.

    She opened her eyes and yawned. She got up and asked the time to her sister.

    - It's 8AM, replied Liz, you have to move your ass, I don't want to be late and miss the plane.

    Stefany took her breakfast and went to the bathroom. 


    Stefany is a girl of 19 years. She has long black hair and beautiful brown eyes. She is pretty and very famous at school. She lives in London but she is a half Korean/Spanish girl born in Spain. She can speak spanish, korean and english. She know a little bit of french and japanese.

    She has three sisters : Eli, the older, has 23. Monse who has 17 and Liz, the youngest, has 16. Her parents still live in Spain.


    Today it's a special day for her and her sisters. She moved to Seoul with her two littles sisters. Eli stay in England because she has her boyfriend in London.

    They moved to Seoul with Fuji, the best friend of Stefany. He is cute and very friendly. He has the same age as Stefany and went to the same school as her. His father is korean and his mother french. He is born in France but has moved at the same time as Stefany in London. They met at school three years ago. They both love K-pop, korean drama and the korean culture. That why they move to Seoul, they want to be famous celebrity in South Korea. Fuji, Stefany, Liz and Monse often make video cover. Stefany is the best dancer and she is good at rapping, Fuji  and Liz are both good at dancing, singing and rapping too. However, Monse is the one who sing the best, she can go up to 4 octaves.


    After saying bye to Eli, they going towards the airport. They arrived and saw Fuji.

    - Hi Fuji ! screamed Liz 

    - It's been a long time ! replied Fuji.

    - Yeah, one day ! said Stefany laughing.

    - It's already 10AM and the flight is at 11AM, exclamed Monse.

    - We know ! replied Stefany, Liz and Fuji at the same time. 


    They go to their queue and waited for their flight. 25 minutes after, they arrived in their plane. They are all sit next to each other.

    During the flight, they mostly sleep but they also played games and eat. Stefany has listen the new album of Sistar : Give It To Me. She loves so much Sistar but her favorite band is 4minute. 4minute's Gayoon is a model for her. She is her favorite singer. Fuji is also a huge fan of 4minute, however his favorite is HyunA. He likes all the k-pop group but the one he likes the most after 4minute are: Sistar, Secret, Beast, SHINee and Exo. Liz likes more Boys groups and Monse loves every groups.


    A few hours later, they arrived in Seoul.


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