• Chapter 2 - New Home

    [Stefany POV]


    After almost twelve hours we arrived to Seoul. We're very happy to be in Seoul but also very tired. Fuji began to look for a taxi, after that he found it we put the luggage in the trunk of the car. We're going to leave in the flat of Fuji's family. His family is very rich and they let us leave on it. Fuji keeps saying that the flat is awesome so I'm kind of exciting to see it. Arriving at the building I noticed that it was a quiet and luxurious neighborhood. The building is three floors and white, very clean. Fuji opened the door of the building with a password, he told us that the password was "3791". We took the elevator because we was full of luggage and went up to the 3rd floor. There only two door on the third floor, that mean we only have one neighbour. Our door number is "33". Fuji opened it with the key. 


    - DAEBAK ! shouted Liz.

    - Wahou, it's very classy ! said Monse.

    - See, Fuji chuckled.


    I didn't said anything but it's very beautiful. I'm so tired. Fuji show us the first bedroom.


    - This is the first room, it's look very gurly, said Fuji.

    - Oh! Everything is pink, I love it so much, exclamed Liz.

    - Well, the room is big and there is two bed, let's sleep here together, said Monse.

    - Yes ! said Liz.

    - Stefany let's go to your then ! said Fuji. I nodded.


    Liz and Monse began to store their stuff. I followed Fuji. He show me my bedroom.


    - I like it ! I exclamed.

    - Great ! There is enought space to put all your clothes, smirked Fuji.

    - Yeah ! I laughed.

    - My room is upstair. There is only my bedroom and my bathroom upstair, your bathroom is the door next to your.

    - Ok ! I said.

    - Good night ! He said.


    It was already 7 A.M. I'm tired but I feel dirty, so I decided to take a shower before going to sleep. I go to the bathroom, it's all red, there is a bath and a shower. After my shower I tidy all my clothes and stuff and went to sleep. 


    -The Next Day-


    I opened my eyes and looked my phone, it was already 1 P.M. I got out of bed and went to the living room. Fuji was playing videogames.


    - You're awake ? I said while yawned.

    - Great! You're not blind ! He laughed.

    - BABO ! I shouted.

    - Your sisters still sleeping.

    - I will wake up them, I said. He just nodded.


    I go in their room and shouted :

    - Yah ! It's time to wake up !

    - Go die, answered Liz.

    - OMO! How dare you ! I said.


    I go into the kitchen and took a glass, I filled it with water and go back to their room. Monse was gone, already in the shower. She is a nice girl but Liz still sleep. I threw the water on her head and start to run away. She will kill me. I heard her sreaming like a crazy chick. This sister is crazy but I love tease her.


    After that everyone is washed and dressed, we decided to go to the restaurant because there was no food at home. We're eating at a restaurant near the house, a korean one. 

    - Yah ! I have a big news ! said Fuji while eating.

    - What ? we all asked in the same time.

    - Two weeks ago, my father told me that his brother opened an entertainment agency so I send our cover to him...

    - And what ? asked Liz excited.

    - He answered me this morning, he told me that he was impress by our talent and that we are all good looking, replied Fuji.

    - So, what does that mean ? I asked excited.

    - He want to make a mixed band with all of us, we have to meet him tomorrow, said Fuji.

    - OMO! Are you kidding !? shouted Liz.

    - No, smirked Fuji.


    Me, Monse and Liz start to shouted and jump everywhere like crazy. Everyone look at us, I'm ashamed. However, I feel so good, it's like a dream.

    We went to shop to buy food and go back to home. We was full of bag so we took the elevator. Suddenly the elevator's door opened, a man appeared.

    - Si...Si- Siwon!? I shouted.



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